August 17, 2010


Who sit at home being good kids. Who aren’t drop dead gorgeous like the girls staring back at us off the covers of fashionable teen magazines. Who don’t drink, don’t party hard, and would rather read books or hang out and talk with friends than hit up some party joint and jump into pools and whatnot.

This is for the girls who choose their own genre of music, who don’t simply listen to the mainstream pop blasted from radios. This is for the girls who bite their nails, who feel self-conscious about every single thing about them, who tug on their hair while they’re nervous.

This is for the girls who actually care about something other than how they look, or how hair naturally curls. This is for the girls who cry at movies, sympathize with friends, and extend helping hands to people who need it. This is for the girls who play their music and go with it.

This is for the girls who wear glasses, who wear braces, who have frizzy hair, who have extreme ranges for height or they’re stuck in the middle. This is for the only children, the oldest, the youngest, the middle children. This is for the ones who sit at home and have to listen endlessly to their friends, both guys and girls moan about their love lives while they patiently endure being a supportive friend. This is for the ones who hope and dream and often settle for being second best without any complaint.

Above all, this is for those girls who see themselves as hopeless and forgotten. This is for the girls who dream so much that they forget how to dream. This is for the girls who have fallen and need a helping hand to get back up; only they’ve been the helping hand for so long they’ve forgotten how to fall. This is for the girls on the ground, the ones who are learning how to fly.

Because mark my words,

when you fly you’ll soar so high eagles will be envious.


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