October 18, 2009

I’m sorry
For thinking positively
For wanting to share beautiful things
For not being able to read your mind
For letting you know things that I don’t want you to miss.
For all the questions you asked, and I might not have the answer.
For wanting to be and ear to hear though I don’t have the power to help.
For not giving you enough space to grow, because I want to keep you close.

For wanting the best for you,
though I don’t know what it is and yet I still tried.

For not being able to be the one that you can trust,
yet I never stopped trying to be one.

For how fussy i am when you are driving,
just because I enjoyed spending every minute with you

For not being able to let you go,
because I want you to know that I will always be there for you.

For being predictable,
just because I want you to spent your time sharing stories than trying to read me.

Not For the things that I did, but the things that I could have done, yet I didn’t.
Not For the words that I said, but words that I should have said, yet I didn’t.
For saying so much sorry and looked like a coward, though cowards never could admit their mistakes.



  1. laki-laki beruntung yang dapetin perempuan seperti lo. dan adalah laki-laki hebat yang bisa buat lo bahagia seperti sekarang. i see a different light in your eyes. happy for you princess.

  2. cewe sombong. kerjaannya nolak cowo'.. kualat lo.

  3. bwahahahahahha... berarti andakah salah satunya yang saya tolak??? ouuuwww.. maaf yaaa.. salah ndiri kaya bgitu.. emang cwe laen ada yang nrima??haha.. ;D *rasain lo!! makanya mulut,otak, sama tangan kalo mau ngetik tu di singkronin.. bego.*


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