August 26, 2009

"there must be someone before me"

"of course there is. i cant be so alone for these thousand years"

"but why? why dont you just pretend like there's noone before me. i want to be the only one."

"you are my only one. its just im not a robot who can erase everything and act like i cant remember about them. listen, because of them, i can have someone like you. i cant just burn down the bridge. baby, i wont look back."

"im sorry. i just.. i dont wanna loose you. i dont even wanna know about his name, or what he's doing to you before. it breaks my heart to hear it. all i know is you're mine now."

"look at me, i didnt tell you anything about my past right? whats done is done. i love you now, and then."

"............... wish i could cut those part of your past in your memories. it hurts like hell to see you wondering about them even for a second."

"what do you want me to do now? (breath taking)"

"i want you to marry me. thats all."

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