June 19, 2011

Let’s get a fact straight: People are going to hate. People are going to go around and talk all the shit they can behind our backs. People are going to look at me and ask you “Eww, what the fuck? why her?” People are going to look at you and tell me, “Honey you can do way better.” There’s going to be jealous people out there who are going to try and manipulate us. Turn us against each other. Spread rumors. Whisper lies back and forth through our ears. Put us through hell until we want to give up. Claim to have seen all the things you would never believe.

There are people out there who are going to want you more than anything, that they might stop at nothing to have you.they will give me a well detailed list as to why they’re way better for you than I am. Talking about how they could treat you better and love you RIGHT”. Guys are going to try and get at me in front of your face. Flirt with me to piss you off. Go behind your back and try to win me over. Telling me things you’re doing wrong and how they wouldn’t make those mistakes. The world, is going to throw obstacles left and right at us. Going to sum up problematic situations and present them catastrophically in our faces. Put time and distance in between us. Test us physically, emotionally, and mentally..

But let me tell you something, Let them try. Saying yes wasn’t just about accepting to being yours. No, it was about accepting the problems to come along. Accepting the vulnerability between me and you. Accepting the fights that might one day come. Accepting the attitude of the people around us. So know that I ACCEPT. And if you’re down for me, I’m always going to be down for you.

Because baby It’s going to be you and me against the world. ;)


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