June 24, 2010


it’s strange how some songs can make your stomach spin or your heart jump into your throat, how just hearing the first note brings back everything you thought you stopped feeling, a familiarity for something you didn’t realize you still longed for. it can change a mood instantly, it can turn the curve of the corners of your mouth up or down depending on which memory comes to mind first. and sometimes the sound can make you feel like you’re drowning as it plays on, and you start to sink deeper and deeper in it as the beat as it gets louder and louder, so loud you can’t even hear yourself crying. but sometimes it makes you want to dance between the words and surround yourself in its warmth and blanket yourself with its metaphors and similes that only you can understand. it seems like there’s always that one song that does this to you, no matter how new or how old, it overcomes you and overwhelms you and all you can do is let it swallow you whole.

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