March 27, 2010

happy birthday father.

Ya Allah,
Bless him who have taken upon himselves
the responsibility of parenting.
Strengthen him by Your love that he may become
the loving,
caring persons he are meant to be.

Ya Allah, Guide him to be a good role model and loving to all his children.

Give him grace and patience to handle situations in a loving way.

Lord, please take care of him..

Though he are brave and protective,

he must also be frightened sometimes.

Please help us to let him know how much we love him

And how much You love him.

Ya Allah, I Thank you for my dad...

He is getting older, but he is still brave and bold.. Please take care of him,...

Thank you for everything Ya Allah,

for my father who loves me and his children, How Blessed I am!
Ya Allah, Let the example of their faith and love shine forth.

Grant that we, their sons and daughters,
may honor him always with a spirit of profound respect.

Amiiiin,.. Ya Rabbal alamin.. ;)
love you dad..


  1. happy birthday ya papi. LOL

    semoga panjang umuuur :D

  2. bagus dah. ngomong yg bae2 aja lo. *sambil ngasah pedang* ;D hahaha..

  3. Amiin...
    thank you pupuut,

    seneng eehh punya calon ipar baek kek gini *ada.maskud.tersembunyi* :))


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