August 17, 2009

dear : destiny
im writing this letter, straight away to you,its not because i want you to change anything about what im going through later. im not asking for it. im dealing with my life now, and im deadly ready to face everything.

im writing this letter, its just that i do really want to talk to you.
i need your understanding. so much need it. you know im exhausted here. to feel that shitty things,to start all over again, to walk away that far just to wait and see what will happen to me.
im sorry, i didnt mean to be such a moaning girl. like what i said, im exhausted.

well, yea..
you're running so fast. i cant even see it. you choose your own way.
would you please let me follow you? i promise i wont singing along while you're driving,
i promise i wont ruinin your time, i promise i wont say a word when you're still doing your work, giving everyone a way of life. thats your job. you are a destiny. i just promise to do what you want me to do. but, may i follow you ?

i wont guessing anymore. i swear. i will just take everything like the way you're giving me before.
when im crying, i wont make a noise. i'll be in silence like a wind. and at that time, you can just leave me there. you know what? im ok for being alone. i cant promise anyone to stay. i dont have a right. who am i anyway .

and so,
destiny.. thank you so much for all those stories behind..
thank you for those ways you've choosing me to walk on it.
let me set everything free. i dont care what's going to be. and one more thing, could you please dry my tears for awhile? by the way, hope you can make a consideration for it. i'll wait for your reply letter. dont forget, i'll be on the front door.

PS : destiny, above all that, when you're deciding a thing for him, please.. give him nothing but happiness. thats all i ask.

one of your customer

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