July 4, 2009

dear butterfly ..

its 4th of july 00:00,
im counting down to my last day to be a 22nd years old young lady's shadow.
i mean, there's too much things i've been through here with you right?..
God, im still down on her knees (which is my own knees too),
begging You for stopping those bad habits of her.
shame on me (and her for sure), when on this newby 23rd years old, she's still yelling when someone's not impolite to her. whoever he is. note it, whoever.,
or says " what are you looking at?" to stranger who's looking at her. especially for guys. (fyewh).

damn, i cant help myself standing here right behind you for such along time. and i do nothing.
girl, one thing i cant even imagine is, you'll be a mother for your kids, you'll be a wife one day.
its not an easy thing though. be a better girl sweety. you're not going to teach your kids to use those ugly-converse like yours right? you're not going to say : "halah, bodo amat!" again for something you hate right? you cant. you just cant.

there's still alot of things you need to learn baby. forced yourself to say YES for something you dont even want to do it (even its a good thing). forced yourself to say NO for something you wanted so much (but its not a good thing). TRY. thats the key. you'll never know.
take it as a challenge. hey, you hate challenge dont you? :) dont be. take it. you'll see what happens. and the important thing is, you`ll learn. (im there when someone's telling you about that. remember?:) yea, i know he's your precious miracle. you name it.)

anyway, this clock is still going to tickling,and they're not going to wait for you to be a better person. ready or not, they will always running on their tik-tok thing.

23. what a number. well, i guess there's so much things to do put..
you're on your way. prepare yourself.
in the end, you'll gonna be ok. i'll always stay right behind you..
dont be scared, you'll never gonna loose me. ;)

your shadow

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  1. wwihh...
    keren bgt bgt ni tulisan ny..!?
    he he......


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