June 24, 2009

what a day... hhhhfffhhh!!

today, i went to campus like usually..
i dont wanna go there. i hate that f*kin place.
but my mum sez "put, you have to face reality. go! look them straight in the eyes! there's nothing in this world you can't through if you believe in yourself" ok mum, im going.

i never thought there are so many problems in this world,as heavy as mine.
but my friend did face it. i envy him. anyhow, alot of my friends supporting me..
waw,, they care about me so much.. (thank you guys.. ;)...) for my very first day, cant stay much longer there. so i decided to go home. while im on my way, one of my friends sending me an sms sounds like this:

b : Put, tadi ke kampus ya katanya temen2?
p : iya, itupun karna dipaksa mama, harus bisa ngadepin apa aja dlm hidup.
b : yaiya put, ga ada masalah yang terlalu besar untuk di hadapi selama
Allah SWT di samping kita. yaudah, be strong yap!
p : aku ke kampus juga cuma cari ktawa sama temen2,kalo ga gitu, ga tau gimana caranya lagi.. anyway, makasih banget yaaaaaa.... mean so much :')

Damn,, i break my promise to someone coz i let my tears falling down again..
wake up put,, where's the old you?? why are you being such a cry baby..
whats the matter with my sensitivity.. geez, how fragile is that..

whatever it is,, now i know much more,, how great is Allah's will if He wants to give me something important like this. instead of loosing something, i got so much anything from everyone. i learn alot alot alot. i know im not alone. i'll handle this whole damn thing!!

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